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Junction Fourteen

The fabulous Junction Fourteen left us last season and is now very happy with his new owner Tilly Knowles. Tilly tell us:

Junction has been brilliant learning his new job whipping in for the Tedworth hounds. He’s a gentlemen with the hounds and is happy going off in front or staying behind. He also has regular flat work lessons and enjoys flying round fun rides and hunter trials. 


Parish Business

Parish Business was re-homed in 2017 to the Royal Artillery Saddle Club at Lark Hill, and subsequently Monique Hurrell took him on and fell so in love – she bought him! Clearly they are having a smashing time and look rather good over a fence together!


Banjo Hill

At the ripe age of 25 Banjo Hill is now enjoying a full retirement. But, here is in showing days cutting a serious dash! He also was a smashing racehorse winning six times under rules.


Fix It Right

This photo tells a thousand words – that Fix It Right and Danielle Bailey are very happy together!

Danielle has had this chap for four years now, and he was another very successful syndicate horse we trained up until 2015.



Marcia Leach looks like she is having a ball with Maxilian. Max was in training with us until 2014, and now the pair of them successfully compete at Eventing.

Marcia says he loves his new job and is a very special boy – and we couldn’t agree more!


Blues and Twos

Georgie Tucker sent us this photo of Blues and Twos, who she now proudly owns. They sound like they are having a ball hacking about and generally enjoying life, which is lovely to see.



Fontano is now owned and ridden by Sophie Offord, and what a pair they make! They are quite the dynamic duo and have competed in all sorts of competitions together, and now as Fontano is a bit older he competes successfully at in-hand showing.

Fontano is a bit more grey than I remember him in training – but I guess it happens to us all!



Barlow – wowzers – what a stunner!

Barlow was always a very handsome chap when in training and left Bonita Racing Stables last year and has continued to bloom. He now takes part in RoR showing with considerable success – as demonstrated so beautifully in this photo, where he was competing at the New Forest and Hampshire County Show recently.


Act of Supremacy

Roddy Stanning looks like he is having a ball on the hunting field with Act Of Supremacy. Roddy rehomed Supremacy last year and apparently he jumps like a ‘stag’ when out with the Blackmore and Sparkford Vale and behaves impeccably.

Thank you for the update Roddy and we are very impressed to see Supremacy bossing those hedges!



Ambrosiano, who was in training with us in 2008, is still going very strong. He was re-homed by Danny Abbott and together are taking the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) scene by storm! They recently won the RoR Challenge at the Lincolnshire show (pictured), and also compete successfully at British Eventing, with cross-country being their favourite phase – we hear you Danny and Ambrosiano!

We think they make a very handsome couple.